Here is the way:

This will also enable Windows Firewall rule to allow RDP connections.

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Here is a short reminder regarding Netscaler MPX upgrade.

1) Backup licenses, configuration, e.t.c.

2) Optionally backup product documentation from /var/netscaler/doc (pdf files)

Do not upgrade NetScaler via Web Interface. There are numerous reports that it can brick your device.

Download new firmware at Citrix -> My Products -> Netscaler ADC – Firmware

Unpack firmware to /var/nsinstall there you may find previous firmware, I believe this is left intended if you’d require downgrade.

Preserve original folder naming. Do CD to the folder with latest build.

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First, if necessary, reset netscaler config using the following command:

clear ns config full

then use procedure described in the official citrix KB:

> shell
# cd /etc
# for file in *; do
# rm /nsconfig/$file 2> /dev/null
# done

# cd /nsconfig
# rm ns.conf* ZebOS.conf.* rc.conf

# cd ssl
# rm *
# exit
> reboot

After reboot previous configuration is gone. Please do this only if you’re not intending to save current config and willing to give netscaler a fresh start.

Then, proceed with the configuration as usual:

set ns config – ipaddress IP – netmask MASK

add ns ip IP2 MASK -type mip

add route GW

set system user nsroot administrator

save ns config


now it is time to create lacp channel:

add channel LA/1

bind channel LA/1 0/1

bind channel LA/1 0/2

let’s bind it to the proper VLAN

add vlan VLANID

bind vlan VLANID -ifnum LA/1 -tagged

save ns config

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